Henrikh Mkhitaryan


name: - Henrikh Mkhitaryan

Position: - Cam, Cf

Nationality: - Armenian

Current Club: - Shakhtar Doneskt

Estimated Market Value: - £18-22 million

Linked with: - Liverpool,Juventus, Lazio

Club Statistics

Pyunik Yereva

TOTAL - 89 appearances,35 goals

Metalurh Donetsk

2009/2010 season- 44 appearances,22 goals,11 assists

Shakhtar Donetsk

2010/2011 season- 46 appearances,13 goals,8 assists

2011/2012 season- 40 appearances,11 goals,10 assists

2012/2013 season- 49 appearances,31 goals,14 assists

TOTAL - 135 appearances,55 goals,32 assists

International Statistics

Armenia U17

2006 season- 5 matches, 1 goals

Armenia U19

2006/2007 season- 6 matches, 1 goals

Armenia U21

2006/2010 season- 13 matches,9 goals

TOTAL - 13 matches,9 goals


2006 on 36 matches, 10 goals

General Comments:

I would like to start of by saying i have decided to profile this player because of recent speculation that Liverpool are interested in the player but I would like to say if you have any player request please leave them on the 'player talk section' as most of the recent profiles have been Liverpool related.Also before I start the profile can i just say it has been hard to find out information about this guy as he plays for a not very well known national team and not very well known leagues that is why there are less statistics than usual.

Now finally moving onto the player,I think he is a really talented footballer due to his ability I think he should be playing in a lot better league than the one he his playing in (no disrespect to the Ukrainian league). He is part of a very good Shakhtar team which includes Douglas costa,Fernandinho and many other great player.He is 2 goals away from becoming the all time top goalscorer for his county at a mere 24 which is a great achievement albeit the current highest Armenian goalscorer is on 12 goals.

Now for Mkhitaryan strengths he is lightning quick he is so fast it is unreal i would say he is near Theo walcott but i think Walcott is a bit quicker this is what makes Mkhitaryan the player he is because he uses his pace and clever movement to get around the back of defenders this is how around 50% of his goals for Shakhtar have come about. Mkhitaryan plays in a attacking midfield role for Shakhtar If he did sign for Liverpool i would expect him to take Jordan Henderson's role in the starting 11 although he can play as a second striker.When I have watched Mkhitaryan play he takes up a position in around the edge of the penalty area sometimes he will receive the ball touch and shoot but most of the time he will play the ball out wide and make a run in the penalty area and get a tap in as i mentioned earlier on his movement is outstanding he is a defenders worst nightmare,His pace and clever movement has defenders up the wall.

Another one of his strengths is his finishing as you can tell by his goal scoring record he is a very good finisher and he is not even a striker so that makes his record even better. What makes him score so many goals is he knows where the goal is I mean by this wherever he is around the box he will get a decent shot on goal without even looking where he is this is a trait many strikers have but it is a bonus for him in his position.Yet another attribute Mkhitaryan posses is great vision and a brilliant eye for a defence splitting pass similar to what Coutinho does this is why he has lots of assists, As well as being a great goalscorer he is also a scorer of great goals,He scorers a lot of goals from about 25 yards out.I mentioned earlier that he makes a lot of good runs but what is important is the timing of the runs and Mkhitaryan more often that not times his runs perfectly as there is no put making a brilliant run if you're just going to get caught offside.

Now onto his weaknesses, Although i will say many of his weaknesses are silly things which he should be able to cut out of his game.First of all he falls to ground far to easy for my liking which us Liverpool fans could do without at the moment so somebody would need to have a word with him to tell him to cut it out.Another one of weaknesses is he plays in his own half which is crucial he cuts out of his game as it could cost his team the game there are times when he is by his own area and instead of just hoofing it away he will try and play his way out of trouble when it pays of it looks brilliant but when he gets tackled he just looks plain stupid.

As i said before most of his Weaknesses are things he does without the ball another thing which i have seen him do before which i don't like is when he dribbles past a few player and then passes to another player to take a shot if that player scores instead of running over to congratulate the player he will run away in celebration trying to take the credit this is something i really do not like to see in a footballer he should have been thinking about the team not himself.Another silly thing he does is when someone will tackle him and win the ball whether it would be a fair or unfair challenge sometimes he will lash out at the player and commit a silly foul he didn't have to commit as i said before it is petty things like this which i would say are Weaknesses.Finally, sometimes his first touch will let him down although many players often take a heavy or bad first touches he seems to do it slightly more than others although i think his first touch when he gets it right is superb.

To summarize Mkhitaryan i would say he say he is a really,really good player who needs to leave Shakhtar doneskt to get to the level where his ability deserves to be playing at if he cuts these silly petty things he does out of his game i think he could become a top premier league player should he sign for a premier league team his current goal scoring record for his position is absolute class if he can score in the premier league as he is in the Ukrainian league if would have no problem settling in to England.

Would Mkhitaryan cut it in the Premiership?

Yes I ability wise he would have no problem the only worry i would have is the silly childish things he does if he could cut them out of his game he would become a top premier league player one thing i would suggest which i have not mentioned in this profile to stop it becoming too long is if any club wishes to purchase the player is he would need to start doing weights he very weak i would even say weaker than Sterling so i would suggest if any wished to invest £20 million pound in the player the manager should speak to him and get his attitude sorted out.

Summary of :Mkhitaryan

Strengths: Dribbling,vision,pace,finishing,movement.

Weaknesses: attitude,silly fouls,carelessness and strength

The Business End of the Profile:

He is widely being tipped to sign for Liverpool although there is also interest in the player from Italy he would prefer a move to England or Spain


{A profile by Ed030}