Hakim Ziyech

Hakim Ziyech
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Hakim Ziyech

Current Club: Ajax, transfer agreed to Chelsea in summer.

Previous Clubs: Twente Enschede, Heerenveen, Dronten.

Loan Clubs: N/A.

International: Morocco 32 caps 12 goals.

Trophies Won: Netherlands Super Cup 2020, Eredivisie Player of the Year 2018, Netherlands Cup 2018/19. Eredivisie 2018/19.

Ziyech is one of those players who can be devastatingly brilliant when he is in the mood, but he can be just as devastating to team spirit in a different kind of mood. As recently as last season he was disruptive behind the scenes as he fought with team-mates who played a similar role in the side, particularly Dusan Tadic.

That was the key to Erik ten Hag's success, he managed to soothe the differences and found a way to get the most out of Ziyech's talents, even when he was coming from the bench. That is the thing with Ziyech, he does have talent. A lot of talent.

Ziyech can be a bit lightweight, as well as temperamental, but he has a lot of skill on the ball to make up for any deficiencies. As well as tricks and flicks, with pace to get clear of a defender, he strikes a ball very well, so can put in dangerous crosses or hit shots from distance if he gets the chance.

Like many a winger, he can be very inconsistent, but that is because Ziyech is trying to make things happen. The Moroccan is not one for the safe option, he wants to try to beat his man with a clever trick or flick.

That can often lead to a turnover in possession, as flicks and tricks do not always come off, more so in a stronger league like the Premier League that he is moving to. It is much easier to do that playing for Ajax in the Eredivisie, where most teams drop off. Even when Ziyech gives the ball away there, the chances are that it is a team-mate who picks up the loose ball or the opponent is deep in their own half and just want to clear it.

Playing for Chelsea in the Prem and in Europe, he is likely to be less effective and will have to learn to pick and choose where and when to use his tricks. Ziyech certainly has the attributes needed to be able to adapt his game and become a good player for the Blues, so long as fans do not assume he is the new Hazard and expect that level of quality from him immediately.

His fast feet, good sense of balance and ability to twist and turn with the ball at his feet are likely to stand him in good stead, but Ziyech will need time to adapt to the much higher intensity of the league. I believe the key to his success will be the ability of Chelsea to manage his frustration as Ziyech gets used to the pace and physicality of the Premier League.

With a suspect temperament, it is likely Ziyech will be singled out by opponents for harsh treatment and it is going to take careful management to keep him calm and concentrating on his game. If they can do that, then Ziyech could provide the pace and skill on the wings that they need.

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