Giovani Dos Santos

{Profile Posted 19/06/13}


Date of Birth: - 11/05/1989

Height: - 1.74

Position: - CAM, RM, Striker

Contracted: - Yes. Mallorca.

Build: - Small, stocky, compact.

Injuries: - No Major.

Estimated Market Value: - £7-8 million

Linked with: -


Strength- He is a strong player but goes down very easily, with minimal contact - and always wins a free kick.

Power- Very strong and powerful once in his running and is hard to disposes.

Jumping- Poor, due to height.

Speed- Quick. He can beat most players for speed.

Reaction- Good quick reactions. E.g. he can change direction very quickly.

Endurance- Endurance isn't a problem as he doesn't track back.

Body Movement- He is a vey agile player. He can spin well past players and dart between tackles/

Work Rate- Very rarely tracks back. Often stays up field. This means he can become isolated and there is a big gap from back to front. He also doesn't put pressure on the back 4.


First Touch- A very good tidy first touch, bringing the ball in. Good close control also, helped by a low centre of balance. Good control in the dribble.

Weaker Foot- Avoided at all costs.

Passing- He has a very good short passing accuracy, but longer passes are poorer.

Tackling- Cannot tackle.

Heading- Short, so not great in the air. Easily outmuscled.

Dribbling- A good dribbler who can beat his man with ease.

Decision Making- Good decision making. GDS doesn't try too much. He can beat his man but instead of shooting will lay the ball off - the correct option. If the forward pass isn't on (something he looks for with good flair) then he will lay it back. Sometimes he will shoot when he should look for a square ball.

Finishing- An OK finisher who will finish good chances, but may waste other good ones.

Long Shots- Drifts in from the right to shoot on his left foot. Gets good power on his shots and good accuracy.

Flair- A huge amount of flair. He looks to beat his man, cut in and shoot or create chances. He also actively looks for the through ball.

Crossing- Tend to be of a very high quality. He gets lots of whip and curve, along with pace onto his crosses.


Attacking Corners- Takes corners, with whip and good accuracy.

Defending Corners- As an option on the break.

Attacking Free Kicks- Takes free kicks. They are of a very high quality.

Defending Free Kicks- In the wall or as a break option.


Courage- Will fight to keep the ball under pressure, but will look to stay out of challenges.

Confidence- A highly confident player who trusts in what he can do. Sometimes cocky by trying too much, not picking the ocrrect option etc.

Communication- He looks for the through ball and makes runs in behind for team mates to find him. Calls for the ball out wide often.

Motivation- Always looks to keep going and attack. Gets fed up if he doesn't get the ball, or the game isn't going his way towards the end.

Concentration- Keeps concentration so that passes are accurate. Decent finishing.

Temperament- a typical flair player, who looks to get forward and score.

Additional Comments

am surprised a player as good as GDS is playing for a newly relegated team. I can see him moving to a better team, if I am honest, especially for a suitable fee. From what I have seen, he offers good flair, and is a very good dribbler. He also tends to pcik the correct options and also is the right build for a quality CAM.

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