Georginio Wijnaldum

{Profile Posted 30/08/12}

Date of Birth: - 11 November 1990

Height: - 172 cm (5 ft 8 in)

Position: - Attacking midfielder/winger

Nationality: - Dutch

Current Club: - PSV

Estimated Market Value: - 10 million pounds

Linked with: - Spurs

Inter Milan





Club Statistics


2006/2007 season – 3 matches, 0 goals 0 assists

2007/2008 season – 11 matches, 1 goal 0 assists

2008/2009 season – 39 matches, 5 goals 5 assists

2009/2010 season - 36 matches, 5 goals 1 assist

2010/2011 season - 34 matches, 14 goals 0 assists

TOTAL – 123 matches, 25 goals 6 assists


2011/2012 season - 34 matches, 14 goals 0 assists

International Statistics

Netherlands U21

2009-2011– 15 matches, 3 goals 0 assists


2011/2012 season – 2 matches, 1 goal

General Comments:

First off I would just like to say that I know this profile has been requested for quite a while and you have all had to be very patient, but here it is. I hope its what you you guys were after.

I havent seen an awful lot of Wijnaldum but I was able to get hold of a few games from last season for PSV and also from his Feyenoord days. So here goes, Wijnaldum is a very elegant player. He is tall, has an athletic build and very very fast. He has been likened to Ronaldhino and to be fair he does share many comparisons, not just his appearance. Ive seen Wijnaldum take off and beat about 4 or 5 players before scoring an absolutely brilliant goal. Much like Ronaldhino used to do. The opposition players seem mesmerized by him and are afraid to dive in and make a challenge of the fear that he will go past them, which he often does.

On to what I like about him. He is a very atheletic player, nowadays you often

see attacking midfielders who are short and slight who often get pushed off the ball very easily. Wijnaldum however is impressively strong, hes not particularly tall standing at just 5ft 8 but hes definitely not short and as I said very strong on the ball. I havent witnessed him being pushed off the ball yet and hes gone into 50/50 challenges with monstrous centre backs only to emerge with ball. I really like that in a player, someone who is willing to get stuck in and Wijnaldum definitely falls into this category. His touch and skills on the ball are also extremely impressive. He has some ridiculous skills in his locker which he can pull out at any time to deceive the opposition. In addition to have excellent skills on the ball, Wijnaldum is very pacey and with these two combined it is always a tough ask for a defender to handle Wijnaldum. Wijnaldums goal scoring ability is also a very good attribute, he generally chips on with 10-15 goals a season which is very good from a midfielder. However its very hard to judge Wijnaldum because the dutch league is not what it used to be, 10-15 goals a season there could equate to just 3 or 4 goals elsewhere. Having said that, watching him he does appear to have an eye for goal. The only way to find out would be for him to move elsewhere.

At times though I must say that I find Wijnaldum a greedy and lazy player. He is, in my opinion, a luxury player. Great when you have the ball but without it he is a total passenger, you would be as well put your grandma on the pitch when they dont have the ball as she would do as much defensive work as Wijnaldum does. Also as you can see by his stats, Wijnaldum has a ridiculously low assist count for an attacking midfielder/winger when their main job is to provide chances for strikers. This is because he is greedy, at times taking a shot on from an acute angle when a team mate is much better placed. This is infuriating to watch and must be even more so for his team mates.

As with all young players, and he is still young at just 21, he suffers from inconsistency. It is something that he really does need to work on though however as if he were to become more consistent then he would really begin to shine. However at 21 years of age you can put it down to a lack of maturity at a young age.

I thought I would end my comments with a fun fact. Georginio Wijnaldum is the nephew of Royston Drenthe who was on loan at Everton last year.

Would Wijnaldum cut it in the premier league?

At the minute, no I dont believe he would. He still needs to mature and grow before he can make that next step up. I believe the best thing for him would be to stay at PSV for at least one more season and realistically two before he moved to the premier league. Then I feel he would be a massive hit and set the league alight.

Summary of Wijnaldum:

Strengths: Touch, skills, pace, strength, finishing.

Weaknesses: Inconsistent, lazy, greedy.

The Business End of the Profile:

There has been a lot of interest in Wijnaldum by clubs all across Europe. Sevilla enquired but were immediately rebuffed by PSV, Fiorentina had shown an interest and may yet make a bid but I believe it is too late in the window now. If Wijnaldum were to move it would have to be a very large bid circa 20 million pounds in order to convince PSV to part with their star man. Perhaps next season will be more likely for Wijnaldum to move.

Thanks, and I welcome your feedback and comments;

{A profile by Ed063}