Eusebio da Silva Ferreira

Eusebio da Silva Ferreira
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Eusebio da Silva Ferreira

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Current Club: N/A

Previous Clubs: New Jersey Americans, Uniao Tomar, Las Vegas Quicksilvers, Beira-Mar, Toronto Croatia, Monterrey, Boston Minutemen, Benfica, Lourenco Marques

Loan Clubs: N/A

International: Portugal 64 caps 41 goals

Trophies Won: Ballon d'Or 1965, Liga NOS Top Scorer 1963/4, 1964/65, 1965/66, 1966/67, 1967/68, 1969/70, 1972/73, World Cup Golden Boot 1966, European Golden Boot 1967/68, 1973/73, European Cup 1961/62, Portugese League 1960/61, 1962/63, 1963/64, 1964/65, 1966/67, 1967/68, 1968/69, 1970/71, 1971/72, 1972/73, 1974/75, Portugese Cup 1962, 1964, 1969, 1970, 1972.

Eusebio is often considered a 'modern' striker, in that he is the type of player that would be successful in the modern era, as well as his own. While some of the latterday greats lacked the athleticism that modern day players exhibit, Eusebio was their equal. In fact he would still be considered an explosively fast striker with a lot of power now.

As a young player he was clocked at 11 seconds for the 100m dash, something that would put him amongst the fastest players in any era, he was almost impossible to keep pace with once up and running. Added to his incredible pace and explosive acceleration, Eusebio possessed a cannonball shot from his right foot and his left foot was not too bad either.

On the ball he was very capable of beating players on the dribble with skill, as well as then having the speed to get away from them when he did so. Though it must be said that he used his dribbling skill very sparingly. With a shot of such ferocious power and exceptional striking technique, Eusebio could be dangerous from just about anywhere on the pitch.

It is difficult to truly compare players from different eras, so much has changed, from the quality of the pitch to the weight of the ball, that affects it. Even just taking something as simple as a bobble on the ball now making a player completely miskick it could be seen as poor technique, and we often think how would that player cope on a old-style quagmire of a pitch.

But that fails to take into account how light modern balls are and how they move around more, whereas the old, heavy, leather footballs would not bounce around so much on slight bumps. Still, when you look at a truly world class player, such as Eusebio, you can see how their technique is exceptional and how they can read the way the ball runs over the ground so well to allow them to connect no matter how the ground affects it.

While that direct comparison is difficult, impossible even as the game has changed so much, probably the easiest way to describe Eusebio as a player is a way a friend of mine always used to ask me to use when we discussed old players. He would pick a player he thought was similar on Football Manager and ask what I would change to make it like the old player. With that in mind I am going to say Jamie Vardy, and I would literally bump up every attribute. Every single one.

Eusebio was a truly special player which is why Alfredo di Stefano said of him: "For me Eusebio will always be the best player of all time." To me what stands out about him is not just that he was that good in his own era, but that there is no question that he would excel in any era. Especially this current one.

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