Dwight McNeil

Dwight McNeil
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Dwight James Matthew McNeil

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Current Club: Burnley.

Previous Clubs: Manchester United (youth).

Loan Clubs: N/A.

International: N/A.

Trophies Won: N/A.

McNeil is one of those wingers that would have ended up at full-back in another team in my opinion, as he is probably more suited to the modern wing-back role than he is as a winger. That is because he lacks real pace, though he is quick, and has not really got the skill to beat a man on the dribble either.

Instead he is, similar to most Burnley players, a grafter who gives his all, with decent technique but not outstanding in any area of the game. Without the pace or the skill to beat a man, McNeil has become very suited to the Burnley way, by looking to deliver a ball early into the box on his left foot.

That is McNeil's big strength, the quality of his delivery from wide areas and set piece situations. His striking technique is usually very clean and he does usually put the ball into good areas for the big forwards the Clarets like to utilise to attack.

However, he has begun to drift inside a lot during open play, reducing the effectiveness of his balls into the box but putting him into position to take more shots at goal. That can be a good thing at time, as McNeil's striking technique gives him a good chance of hitting the target, but it does narrow the play and make it difficult for Burnley to get through with their lack of creative players.

While he is still only 22, I do not see a lot of potential in him for improvement, he does not seem to possess the game intelligence, the skill or the physical aspects required to step up.

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