Dusan Tadic

{Updated 23/05/2012}

Date of Birth: - 20th November 1988

Height: - 5ft 11inches

Nationality: - Serbian.

Position: - Left Wing.

Club History: - FC Vojvodina

- FC Groningen

Linked with: - Tadic has now agreed to join FC Twente in the summer.

Club Career:

Dusan Tadic originally began his footballing career within the youth ranks of his hometown's club known as AIK Backa Topola. After being recognised as a player with tremendous ability, Tadic signed a professional contract with FK Vojvodina and played his first competitive matches in the Meridian SuperLiga at the age of 18 (2006). Whilst playing for FK Vojvodina, Tadic gained priceless experiences playing against great European teams (E.G. against Atletico Madrid in European football).

Tadic was able to gain so much experience at a young age primarily down to playing almost four full seasons without any major injuries or disciplinary action against him. Tadic potential was especially highlighted in big European games, and for instance, was displayed in the 2009/10 Europa League qualifying phase when he scored a goal against Austria Wien when he was only 20 years old, pretty much dragging his team through the match.

FC Groningen:

Summer of 2010 - FK Vojvodina sold Tadic to FC Groningen for around £1.1 million.

Tadic was Europe's third best assistant in the 2010/11 season.

Club Statistics:

FK Vojvodina - 114 appearances, 30 goals.

FC Groningen - 76 appearances, 14 goals.

Career Total - 190 appearances, 44 goals.

General Comments:

(This profile was by far the hardest to conduct out of all of the others, as Tadic is relatively unknown to the football world and difficult to get facts from, therefore the usefullness of this profile will probably come down to these comments).

After watching Tadic several times and hearing the comments of Ed001 and others, I would have to say that it is universally agreed that Tadic has an unbelievable amount of talent and potential. Without doubt, he has a truly world-class ability to cross the ball, to take on defenders and to help his team-mates out at all times. He is a strikers dream left-winger, because he single-handedly creates goals to strikers on a plate. His pace is also not to be underestimated, as in my opinion can work that left winger as good as any player in Europe.

However, as also covered by Ed001, it is difficult to tell how he would adapt to top European leagues such as La Liga or the Premier League, as the Holland league is not a great league for competitiveness/class in all fairness. However, with that being said, I believe that given the opportunity in a top league, Tadic will have the world talking. He is truly a diamond in the rough, and although he's relatively unknown at the minute, I can pretty much guarantee within a year, every body will know his name and his truly mesmorising ability.

In order to bring this profile up to date, I can confirm that Tadic has agreed to move to FC Twente this summer and will therefore get an opportunity in the Champions League, and as I previously said months ago, Europe will know about this player very soon. Over the 2011/2012 season he has continued his progress, and next year I believe there will be much more information on him, and a lot more people will know about him due to playing for a 'bigger' club.

Thanks all,