Danny Wilson

{Profile Posted 01/11/12}

Date of Birth: - 27.12.1991

Height: -

Position: - Centre Back

Nationality: - Scottish

Current Club: - Liverpool

Estimated Market Value: - Nominal fee.

Linked with: -

Club Statistics


2009/2010 season - 24 matches, 1 goal and 1 assist.


2010/2011 season - 8 matches, no goals and no assists.

2011/2012 season - 1 match, no goals and no assists

TOTAL - 9 matches, no goals and no assists.

Blackpool (Loan)

2011/2012 season - 10 matches, no goals and no assists.

International Statistics

Scotland U19

2009/2010 season- 3 matches, 1 goal and no assists.

Scotland U21

2009/2010 season- 2 matches, no goals and no assists.

2010/2011 season- 3 matches, no goals and no assists.

2011/2012 season- 8 matches, no goals and no assists.

2012/2013 season- 1 match, no goals and no assists.

TOTAL - 14 matches, no goals and no assists.


2010/2011 season - 4 matches, 1 goal and no assists.

2011/2012 season - 1 match, no goals and no assists.

TOTAL - 5 matches, 1 goal and no assists.

General Comments:

When I do these profiles, I try to be as fair and equal as possible, but, as Ed001 has said to me Danny Wilson ''shows no signs of being good enough''. And I think that says it all, he just is not a good enough player for Liverpool, and especially not when we have other great centre backs who just keep coming through from the reserves ahead of him. When he came down from Scotland he had already been capped as a full international, he had played a full season with Rangers and he had some, although limited Champions League experience. How this shows that it does not matter a jot. When he first cam ego Liverpool and played some games, you had to give him the benefit of the doubt, as he was only young and settling, but since then, he has played more reserve games as he has been edged out of the first team, and just does not seem good enough for them either. Perhaps the signing of Coates was a realisation that Wilson was just not good enough.

Anyway, maybe I am being a bit too harsh here at the minute. We must remember that he is still only a very young player, and obviously still has some years left to continue to develop, get stronger and wiser, try to gain more experience, and grow as a player; improve a s a player. He still has age and years on his side, and if he is going to improve anywhere, under the guidance of some of the best youth coaches in the world the Liverpool is a place to do it.

He is also a tall player, so he has height and build on his side. It means that he should be good in the air; and also, he is a tough strong Scotsman! Therefore, because he is a strong player, he needs to be strong in the tackle and in the air. His height and strength show that he has the right sort of build to be a good defender, although I do believe that he could do with putting going a bit more weight and muscles to bulk out a bit; like Agger and Skrtel.

However, I think that is as far as the good bits of his game go. He is not great in the tackle, and is poor with his timing, most probably due to his reading of the game; the Scottish game is far slower than the Premiership has ever been. He isnt as strong as he should be and should also be better in the air. He also seems to lack a great deal of confidence and seems scared and worried out on the pitch.

But as I said, there don't seem to be many positives to his game at the minute I can think of at all. But, time is on his side, so he has the chance to improve and get better. But he just will never be good enough for Liverpool unfortunately. He seems a good lad who puts in a lot of effort in training, and gives 110% for the shirt.

Would Wilson cut it in the Premiership?

No, as I have repeatedly said, he just is not good enough, which is sad for him. He has given it his all, but there just dont seem to be many if any good aspects to his game that give me hope, as a Liverpool fan, that he will be good enough for Liverpool

Summary of Wilson:

Strengths: Height, still young, good trainer, good attitude and a strong player.

Weaknesses: Everything else really; tackling, reading the game, heading, passing etc.

The Business End of the Profile:

Although there does not seem any options avaliable to Wilson at the minute, come January or next Summer, I am sure both the club and player will come to the conclusion that it is best for him to move. I would expect a move back up to Scotland when he does leave.

Thanks very much for reading, and I look forward to your comments, questions and requests.

{A profile by Ed052}