Clint Dempsey


Player Profile Updates 01/09/2012

Date of Birth: - 9.3.1983

Height: - 6ft 2 inches

Position: - Any attacking position; winger, upfront, just off the top man etc.

Nationality: - American

Current Club: - Tottenham

Estimated Market Value: - Sold for £6 million, but worth in the region of the £10 million mark.

Linked with: - Just moved

Club Statistics

New England Revolution

2004 season - 27 matches, 7 goals and 1 assist.

2005 season - 30 matches, 11 goals and 9 assists.

2006 season - 23 matches, 8 goals and 4 assists.

TOTAL - 80 matches, 26 goals and 14 assists.


2006/2007 season - 12 matches, 1 goal and no assists.

2007/2008 season - 40 matches, 6 goals and 2 assists.

2008/2009 season - 41 matches, 8 goals and 3 assists.

2009/2010 season - 47 matches, 10 goals and 4 assists.

2010/2011 season - 42 matches, 13 goals and 5 assists.

2011/2012 season - 46 matches, 23 goals and 8 assists.

TOTAL - 228 games, 61 goals and 22 assists

International Statistics


2004/2005 season - 2 matches, 2 goals and no assists.

2005/2006 season - 2 matches, 1 goals and 1 assist.

2006/2007 season - 1 match, no goals and no assists.

2007/2008 season - 5 matches, no goals and no assists.

2008/2009 season - 13 matches, 5 goals and 2 assists.

2009 season - 5 matches, 3 goals and no assists (Confederations Cup)

2009/2010 season - 6 matches, 2 goal and 2 assists.

2010/2011 - 3 matches, no goals and no assists.

2011 season - 6 matches, 3 goals and 1 assist ( Gold Cup)

2011/2012 season - 10 matches, 5 goals and no assists.

TOTAL - 53 matches, 21 goals and 6 assists.

General Comments:

Before I start to comment about Dempsey as a player, I am truly, truly surprised he has not moved to a bigger club earlier. It seem pretty likely though that he will be moving to a higher profile club this summer, probably to Liverpool; but why not 2 or 3 years back. Around 3 years ago everybody was mentioning how good a player he was, but nobody moved for him, and he has simply got better and better over the past few seasons. Finally, before I start the profile, I would like to destroy this myth of his age as a problem. Firstly, look at the above stats; he is playing more and more games. He has hardly ever had an injury, or at least not a noteworthy one to mention. He is a strong and fit player, who has coped with the rigours of the Premiership easily. Secondly, if you watch him play, he is the player that is always running about, not giving up. It shows that he is a strong and fit individual, who can keep going for years yet. Whoever buys him will have a player ready to play for years to come.

Anyway, let me comment on his main attributes. He is one of those players who really does not have that many weaknesses, but none of his qualities are World Class, if you get what I mean. However, because he has so many strengths, he is a fantastic, all round player. Firstly though, his attacking, and all round going-forward qualities are exquisite. His finishing is truly emphatic, as if you give him a chance to shoot, in the box, he always seems to score. That is why I mean it is emphatic, because he always seems to take his chances. Also, his shots are hit so hard, they fly into the goal really quickly, and thus all his goals seem to be spectacular, because they fly in so quickly. Also, he has tricks in his locker, many of them, and some spectacular ones. If you have a look at him when he was playing over in America, he had some fantastic tricks to beat and bamboozle his man. However, he seems to have mellowed as a player, and these fancy tricks seems to be disappearing from his game, which may not be a bad thing, I would say. Instead he uses sensible tricks, which he knows will work, so he can get past the defender. It shows that he has grown up as a player, he is now more sensible, which is what you need in a high quality player. You need a player who has composure, and he has that in abundance.

Also, as a player generally, he seems to be getting better and better with his age, and you could argue that he is now reaching his peak, and you can argue that his next season, or maybe two will be the best of his career. However, more on his qualities, and I want to mention his versatility. He can play on the wing, and uses his solid crossing ability and pace to be an effective player there. Also, he can play behind the front man, and use his good footballing brain, and through ball skills to help the frontman, and finally, he can play as a frontman, with his emphatic finishing, and pace. As you can tell in what I have been saying, his pace is brilliant, for a player who is getting older, he is extremely quick, which is what you need to be an effective and quality forward player. Furthermore as an attacking player, to go with his fantastic finishing, he seems to have that knack of being in the right place at the right time, which is so important in a quality forward player - it is the difference between being a good player and a quality player.

I have a few more loose ends with Dempsey I want to tie up. Firstly, he is a very strong player, can hold onto the ball, hold off players, and show his presence in the box. Furthermore, I have not seen a much better header of the ball in many leagues across the world; he always seems to meet the ball perfectly, and get the ball in the opposite corner to the goalkeeper. He heading is something wonderful to watch. I would also like to comment on his fitness. Above are the statistics for his career, and if you look at the amount of games he has played, consistently, then it is an extremely high number. Therefore, it shows he is a very strong and fit player, and does not seem susceptible to injury. This makes me think that he will be able to take his career on for many more years to come, and I really hope he does, as he is a delightful player to watch. Also, in the strengths box below I have mentioned that he has European experience, as well as International experience, and I will mention this again in the Would Dempsey cut it in a Champions League team? section later on.

However, I also need to mention the weaknesses of Dempsey, to make it a fairer profile. You have to argue, that with the money Fulham are asking for Dempsey, and with his age and contract length, that he seems a tad expensive. However, if I were a team interested in buying him, I would not worry about his age, because as I explained earlier, his fitness and fantastic injury record shows that he should be able to go on for many more years yet. However, I have mentioned earlier he previous silliness and cockiness, mostly when he was playing over in America. One thing that does occasionally come back into his game is this sort of cockiness and sloppiness, which means that he can waste good opportunities. However, as I mention, this silliness is starting to come out of his game, but occasionally rears its ugly head back in his game.

As Dempsey is a forward and attacking player, his weaknesses are definitely in the defensive half of his game. Tracking back he can be poor, and he should help his teammates out more than he does. Also, his tackling can be weak, but at this stage in his career, it wont be something he while able to change easily. Furthermore, as an attacking player, he can float in and out of games, and disappear occasionally. He can also try a bit too much, as I have mentioned, and waste possession and chances. To conclude, he is a predominantly right footed player. His left foot is not terrible, but you could say that it is one of his weaknesses.

Would Dempsey cut it in a Champions League team?

This is a very easy question to answer, and one I have already answered in my previous paragraphs. I have mentioned that he is that quality, rounded player, and this means he will cut it at a top Premiership team. He has the needed versatility, pace, finishing ability, and strength to make it in a quality team. He will definitely be able to hold his own, and will not be outdone by other players. I also mentioned earlier about his European and International experience, which means that he is an experienced player in many different forms of the game. He has all the quality and experience to be a quality signing for many of the top teams. If and when he does sign for Liverpool, he could be a steal, a real quality signing, whom could really push LFC up to the Champions League.

Summary of Dempsey:

Strengths: Heading, versatility, finishing (emphatic), pace, strength, technique (e.g. volleys), ridiculous tricks, getting better and better, European and International experience, grown up, fit, good injury record, right place at the right time.

Weaknesses: Age, can get a bit cocky, try too much, a little weaker on his left, tackling, tracking back, can float around a bit (disappear).

I love this video of Dempsey. Its very well put toghether, and I hope you enjoy it;

And this goal is just truly amazing;


The Business End of the Profile:

In the end, this completed a difficult night for Liverpool and their fans. A deal which had looked likely to go through until around 9PM, Dempsey ended up at Spurs, instead of where he had expected to go - Anfield. A great signing for Spurs no doubt, but the £6 million deal rubbed salt into Liverpools wounds