Benat Extebarria

Name: Benat Extebarria

Position: Midfield


Estimated Value: 12m (release clause 16m)

Linked clubs: Arsenal, Liverpool, Man City

Career stats: 2010/11 30 games 7 goals

2011/12 30 games 5 goals

2012/13 8 games 1 goals

General Comments:

Immediately when I watch Benat he reminds me of Joe Allen, although the lad is 5ft 8 he is a giant on the pitch (to quote Rodgers) he loves the ball wherever he is on the pitch he will take the ball and keep the game going. His vision is great too he is able to spot the through ball to the striker or the pass inside the fullback and the centre back.

Benat is a busy industrious player, always moving and passing keeping the ball moving side to side in the famous Spanish attacking build up play. As I say he is a lot like Joe Allen, although I would say Allen is a better player, purely because I think Allen can play the DM role better, not saying Benat can't play there but it seems that in that system he is best as a CM because if he is deeper he is less effective.

Now onto his weaknesses; he is a small player which is fine for the league he is now but again I am not sure he would be able to go toe to toe against midfielders who are physical like De Jong or Yaya Toure. They could just mark him out the game and he would be ineffective. Another thing is that for Joe Allen's size he will battle the big midfielders but Benat would disappear in the game and would be wasted.

Benat is not pacey either, so he wouldn't making bursting runs from midfield, sometimes the game if a pacey derby he may not be able to influence the game with his passing ability because it would be too fast and furious for him.

Summary of Benat:

Strengths: Passing, Vision, Playmaker

Weaknesses: Height, Weak, Not pacey

Would Benat cut it in England?

Yes and no. He would if he was playing for a team like City where he could have a physical midfielder do the dirty work for him, but at a team like Arsenal he would struggle because he wouldn't have a DM to help him with the dirty work he can't do.

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