Barrie Mckay


{Youth Player Profile Updated 28/08/2012}

Date of Birth: - 31/12/94

Height: - 5 ft 9 in.

Nationality: - Scottish.

Position: - Striker/Attacking Midfielder/Winger.

Current Club: - Rangers.

Estimated Market Value: - Around £200,000 pounds.

Player Potential: - 6/10 (It's hard to tell how good he's going to be because he isn't playing in a strong league, he might even become better than 6/10)

Club Statistics


2011/2012 season - 1 appearance, 0 goals.

2012/2013 season - 3 appearances, 1 goal.

International Statistics:

Scotland - 0 goals, 0 appearances.

General Comments:

Barrie McKay is a very good player, and even though he is still very young he has become a regular starter for Rangers this season. Yes Rangers may have only played three games this season and are in Scotland's lowest division but you cant take anything away from McKay's performances so far. He often finds himself starting out wide but he often roams around the pitch looking for the ball and by doing this he creates chances for himself and his team mates.

How good do i think he is? Well so far he looks like a very promising player for Rangers, It's hard to judge a player playing in a weak league (especially a young player) but i think he's going to get better and better.

Lets move onto McKay's strengths. He has a very good shot on him and if he has a chance to score he usually doesn't let you down. McKay's crossing, he can hit a good ball into the box and because of this he is often found out wide. He has a lot of hunger, like a lot of young players he works his socks off for the team and he is a pacey player that pops up anywhere on the pitch and has a good first touch.

McKay's weaknesses. Sometimes he makes a lot of wrong decisions (this is very common with young players, but if he grows to the potential he could be then this shouldn't be an issue.) Physically he isn't the strongest, he often gets pushed off the ball and loses Arial battles but because of his style of play this doesn't effect him to much (He still might need to improve due to the physical nature of the lower Scottish leagues.)

Overall view of McKay, I do not think his weaknesses will effect him to much for now but he may need to work on them in the near future. It will be interesting to see how he does this season because of Rangers current situation he will be a key member of the squad and i really hope he lives up to expectation because he could be a class player. I am very happy that McKay stayed at Rangers, because i think now that he has a chance to play football regularly it will help his development and he knew that when making his decision.

If I have missed anything out or you disagree with something i have said please leave a comment. Your view is worth as much as mine, We appreciate feedback.

Summary of McKay:

Strengths - Shooting, He can create chances, Crossing, Hunger, Work rate and Flair.

Weaknesses - Decision making, Physically weak and Arial ability

What he needs to work on:.

He needs to work on all the Weaknesses i have mentioned he can do this by spending a bit more time in the gym and bulking up more.

Players he is similar to:

Honestly i couldn't tell you who McKay is similar to he almost his his own style of play with bits of different player in it. If i had to choose a player, i would say Sone Aluko (not a world class player i know) but i think he has the potential to be better, Why do i think he is like Aluko? because of his flair and the way he creates chances. He also has a similar body build to Aluko (they are both weak in the air and get pushed of the ball) McKay also has the ability to take the ball past player (another Aluko feature.) I would love to know who everyone else thinks he is similar to, so please leave a comment.

What league could he reach and why:

If McKay bulks up more i think he could make it in the premier league, not for one of the top English clubs but probably for a mid table team. I think he has all the right quality for the league. He creates chances and is a hard worker but the premier league is very physical this is why he needs to go to the gym.

Where should he continue his development:

I think he definitely needs to stay at Rangers for around five more year maybe even longer, i feel he will get a lot of game time and will develop more as a player if he stays but if he moves club soon he may not get this opportunity. I'm confident McKay knows this so i cant see him moving anytime soon.

Thanks, here is a video of a goal that McKay scored.