Alisson Becker

Alisson Becker
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Alisson Ramses Becker

Current Club: Liverpool.

Previous Clubs: AS Roma, Internacional.

Loan Clubs: N/A.

International: Brazil 34 caps.

Trophies Won: N/A.

Becker is one of those keepers who inspires confidence in his abilities from his defenders, he radiates a calm confidence which transmits to the defence in front of him. It helps that he does not let his defenders off with mistakes like so many modern goalkeepers do, he will let them know when they have let the team down, which helps keep them on their toes. It is a big asset, it means that the whole defensive line raises their game, rather than relying on him to bail them out as, for instance, happens with David de Gea.

Despite that, he does have his moments of rashness, where he will rush out needlessly or dally on the ball when being closed down and try to pull out a trick, rather than clearing the ball. Though he does seem to learn from those mistakes and not make the same one repeatedly, unlike many other keepers. However the one mistake when made by a goalkeeper tends to result in a goal, so it does stick in the mind when it happens.

It is understandable why he does dally on the ball, because Alisson's distribution is the best I have seen, it is pinpoint. He is looking for a pass, long or short, to pick out, rather than just a Republic of Ireland under Martin O'Neill hoof in the general direction of the one player in the opposition half. Generally he picks out a team-mate with a kick, which is needed when you do not have a target man to lump the ball to who will win it.

When he is at his best, making the most use of his superlative distribution, is when launching a quick counter attack. That is what Alisson is actually looking to do, the dallying is when a quick ball is not on and he is waiting for someone to offer a run to pick out. He is very quick thinking, it is just that the rest of the team can often not think as quickly and make the runs.

On top of that, he has extremely quick feet, which allows him to get across the goal quickly or get out quickly to smother oncoming forwards before they have time to get their ball around him, over him or under him. It also means Alisson tends to very rarely be caught out of position. Added to excellent agility and quick reactions, makes him one of the best goalkeepers currently playing, though sadly he is prone to the push out into danger that all modern keepers use, when they should be putting it behind for a corner.

Overall that rashness he suffers from is his biggest problem and something that he should remove from his game as he gains experience. It is easy to forget he is still young for a goalkeeper and fairly inexperienced, and is only in his 3rd season of European football, the second of which he was the outstanding keeper in Serie A and he is having to adapt to a new team and country this season.

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