Adam Morgan

Adam Morgan
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Profile Posted 01/11/12

Date of Birth: - 21.04.1994
Height: - 5 ft 10 inches
Position: - Striker
Nationality: - English
Current Club: - Liverpool
Estimated Market Value: - £1 million
Linked with: - Blackpool

Club Statistics

2012/2013 season- 2 matches, no goals and no assists.

International Statistics

England U17
17 matches and 4 goals.

England U19
5 matches and 1 goal.

General Comments:

Adam Morgan! Well, I cannot believe how many people seem to have lost faith in him already, saying that he is too old, and has not scored 10 goals already in his 2 appearances this season. Well, I don't know what people are expecting from these youngsters, but I for one believe that Morgan is one of the shining lights in our Academy. Yes, he did find it difficult when he first came into the First Team, but he has only grown as a player since then, both mentally and physically.

Firstly, we all know what Liverpool is shouting out for, and that is a finisher. That is just what Adam Morgan is. He is that fox in the box type player. He will always be the player who is making those runs to where the ball always seems to end up. He is the player who will always seem to get onto the end of the through ball, a cross, or he will be the player who puts the ball into the net when it is bouncing around inside the area. But as I was saying, he is also a great finisher, whether it is from inside the box, or outside, right foot or left foot, he always seems to be able to get the goal when you present him with those chances. What has been even more impressive for Morgan this year is that he has continued to score all those goals from the Reserves, but from a wide right midfield position, where he needs to defend a lot more too. It is impressive how well he has coped.

He is also a very good player for pressuring defenders. He will always be tearing about, trying to close the defenders down with the ball, trying to pressurise them into making mistakes and trying to win a chance for himself or one of his teammates. Closing down, we all know is such an important component to winning a game of football, and it is even more important in tika Taka football when you are trying to pass the ball around and make the opposition run about and get tired. Furthermore, I know that Rodgers has told all the players that they should get the ball back from the opposition within 3 seconds of losing it, and Morgan tearing around trying to win the ball back is key in doing this.

Morgan is also a very pacey player. As we know, he loves to hang on the shoulder of the last man, trying to get onto the end of through balls and trying to finish a good chance. His pace really helps that too, because if he is released with a good ball then he often has the speed to get there before defender etc.

Finally, to conclude the good bits of Morgan, he is a very passionate player. You can tell this from when he scored in the preseason friendly, and he was so delighted and overawed with scoring. That's how much it means to him as a local Liverpool lad. We need players as a club who play for the club and the shirt, those who actually care whether we win or not, just how much they will be paid. Morgan has all of that and cares so much.

However, Morgan isnt the finished article as of yet. He is a player who can be marked out of games quite easily. You know what he will be doing. He will be that player who is on the shoulder of the defender, that player trying to get yard in the box to try to get a shot off. Therefore, it makes him a little predictable. You know what he is going to do and where he is going to be. That is why he has been playing out further wide for the Liverpool reserves this season, so as to adapt his game a little more so he is not just stuck being marked out of games in the future. Also, to play in Rodgers system, all the front three players need to be able to rotate, and play in any of the front 3 positions. However, Morgan was unable to do this last time he played for the First Team, so playing out wide for the Reserves will help him for when he next comes into the First Team once again soon.

Because Morgan can get marked out of games, he can also get a little bit stroppy. If he gets no service, no support and no help, I guess you could say rightly so that he gets a little bit angry with his teammates for no help, Especially considering all the running he does trying to close down the opposition. However, it does not seem to be much of a problem, as Morgan is the youth player Rodgers has told all the other youth players to look up to and follow.

Finally, he is not a very skilful player. He can struggle if he gets out wide and has no simple options. Also, if he is one on one he can struggle to get past a player if he cannot beat them for speed. It is certainly something that he needs to work on so that he sometimes can go alone and try to fashion a chance for himself. However, as I keep saying, with him playing out wide for the Reserves, it is something that he can work on.

Would Morgan cut it in the Premiership?

I think this year is really make or break this year for Morgan. I think if he has not made it by the end of the year then I cannot see him making it next year. However, I dont think it is down to ability, but more confidence and the transition into the first team. If he gets more chances this season and begins to take them, then he will be fine, but if he gets no moer chances of much substance, then I fear he may be forced to leave next summer for the sake of his own career.

Summary of Morgan:

Strengths: Finishing, fox in the box, always where he should be, pressures defenders, on shoulder of the last man, pace and passion.

Weaknesses: Can be marked out of games, can get stroppy, predictable, skills and versatility (although being worked on).

Thanks for reading and I look forward to your feedback, questions and requests.

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Match Date04 May 201419 Jan 2014
PositionsRight BackRight Back
First Touch1312
Free Kick Taking5-
Long Shots7-
Penalty Taking--
Off The Ball1210
Work Rate1616


Playing For: Chelsea.

04 May 2014 Premier League v Norwich City at Stamford Bridge.

Gets a needless booking for dissent following a penalty claim by Hazard which is not given.
Repeatedly puts hopeful crosses into the box to no one from poor angles throughout the second half.
Lucky not to pick up a second booking after pulling Redmond's shirt all over the place, but just gives away a free kick.
Lacks any kind of creative ideas, looked out of his depth against Norwich's deep lying defence.

Playing For: Chelsea.

19 Jan 2014 Premier League v Manchester United at Stamford Bridge.

Made a number of rash challenges.
Doesn't look comfortable on the ball.

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