Aaron Mooy

Aaron Mooy
Image from: sbs.com.au

Aaron Frank Mooy

Current Club: Huddersfield Town.

Previous Clubs: Manchester City, Melbourne City, Western Sydney Wanderers, St Mirren, Bolton Wanderers.

Loan Clubs: Huddersfield Town.

International: Australia 37 caps 5 goals.

Trophies Won: AFC Champions League 2013/14.

With his bald head and distinctive running style, Mooy stands out on the pitch a mile. I have heard him semi-jokingly compared to Xavi, as he has a similar quick pass and move way of playing the game, though he is nowhere near the level of Xavi. Physically he is strong, but he is not quick, especially on the turn. He offers little in the air but that is not really his game. Mooy is a playmaker, the player you get the ball to in order to make something happen on the pitch.

His physicality does let him down a little, as he can get left behind the pace of a game, because he is not quite good enough to control it at the highest level. He is a good passer, with good vision, but not good enough to build a Premier League team around him. Mooy is always moving to get himself into space, to create passing angles and always offering himself to receive the ball. He never shirks his responsibility, but his level is a step below what is needed at the top end, where he can be found out when put under pressure.

That is a weakness of his game, when rushed into playing passes, they can often go wildly astray, when, given time and space to operate, he is normally accurate with his passes. The last couple of seasons he has been Huddersfield's creative hub, the one who all the play went through, which is why they struggled to create much in the Prem. His delivery is good, just not great, he is not able to beat a man to create space, it is all about moving into space to get it and he struggles a bit to get himself into space at top level.

Mooy's workrate is very good, he is never one to shirk and will work back, and is a decent tackler, but he tends to be forward thinking, so can get caught up field, especially when the team is trying the high press and it gets broken. The Terriers' team lacks pace as a whole and so his tendency to stray forward at times can be an issue. That can cause them to be wide open through the centre of midfield at times. On the whole though, he does a fairly good job, just not top class.