Santi Cazorla


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Santi Cazorla

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Santi Cazorla

Current Club: Arsenal.
Previous Clubs: Malaga, Villareal, Recreativo Huelva, Villareal, Oviedo.
Loan Clubs: None.

International: Spain 78 caps 14 goals.

Last season was a disaster for the 32 year old Spaniard, as an ankle injury required surgery in October and he was unable to play again last season, in fact he is still not back to first team action yet. However, before his injury, Cazorla was a central cog in the Arsenal team and had begun to build an excellent partnership with Francis Coquelin, with Coquelin providing the brawn and energy while Cazorla provided the guile and craft.

That is underselling what Cazorla has provided to the Gunners since being moved out of an attacking midfield role to make space for the arrival of Mesut Ozil. Some players would have sulked about having to change position, but Cazorla never complained or moaned, he just buckled down and worked at being as good as he could be in his new role. In my opinion Cazorla is even better in the deeper role as it allows him to see the play in front of him when he receives the ball, to spot the runs more easily and to be more involved.

His vision is excellent, which also aids him in playing the defensive side of his new role, he is very seldom caught out of position and is a very willing worker, closing down and tracking back constantly. While Cazorla is never going to be Patrick Vieira, smashing into tackles, he does not mind getting stuck in and seems to relish the physical side of his new role. Having excellent feet, Cazorla is fully capable of drawing an opponent into a challenge, getting the ball away from them and riding it to create himself space and time as the opponent is left to pick themselves up off the ground.

With his stocky build and low centre of gravity, Cazorla is capable of dribbling past players and use strength to hold them off, but he is more likely to look to pick a pass. Every team has one player that makes the whole team tick when they are on the pitch, that makes a significant difference to the performance of the whole team. For Arsenal, Cazorla is that one player, he is the man that makes Arsenal a better side and his quality makes them much more entertaining for a spectator as well. For that reason, I believe it was no coincidence that they lost their regular top four slot in the same season as Cazorla missed the majority of.

Written by Tris Burke

{Profile updated 27/08/2012}

Date of Birth: - 13.12.1984

Height: - 5ft 6''

Position: - Winger, behind the front man, central midfield.

Nationality: - Spanish

Current Club: - Arsenal

Estimated Market Value: - �£15 million

Linked with: - Just Moved

Club Statistics

Villarreal CF

2004/2005 season – 39 matches, 6 goals and no assists.

2005/2006 season – 25 matches, no goals and no assists.

2007/2008 season - 49 matches, 6 goals and 10 assists.

2008/2009 season - 39 matches, 8 matches and 5 assists.

2009/2010 season - 30 matches, 6 goals and 5 assists.

2010/2011 season - 55 matches, 8 goals and 13 assists.

TOTAL – 237 matches, 34 matches and 33 assists.

Recreativo Huelva (Loan)

2006/2007 season – 34 matches, 5 goals and no assists.

Malaga CF

2011/2012 season – 42 matches, 9 goals and 8 assists.

International Statistics


2007/2008 season – 7 matches, no goals and no assists.

2008/2009 season – 11 matches, 2 goals and 1 assist.

2009 season – 5 matches, no goals and 2 assists (Confederations Cup)

2009/2010 season – 1 match, no goals and no assists.

2010/2011 season – 10 matches, 2 goals and 1 assists.

2011/2012 season – 11 matches, 2 goals and 1 assists.

TOTAL – 45 matches, 6 goals and 5 assists.

General Comments:

When I do my scouting for these profiles, I tend to try and make two columns. A + and a - column, obviously for strengths and weaknesses. The fact that I was struggling to get any negatives shows what a good player Cazorla is. I can only manage two bad points in his game - and they may not be problems when he comes to England anyway! But before I start this profile, I want to try and compare Cazorla to some players. He is a tricky and complicated player, and from what I have seen, quite an unusual player, thus, I want to try and describe what players he is like. Firstly, he is similar to David Silva in the way he passes moves and can play through balls. He is also similar to the mighty Xbio Alonso in the way he passes, and can control a midfield. And finally, the way he can burst forward and swing in those free kicks and corners reminds me of Charlie Adam, but when he was at Blackpool. But hes Spanish, so he is a dribbler, has beautiful; skills, and plays in that typical Spanish way. You can also tell the quality of the player by the amount of times he has played for Spain.

Anyway, let me get into more detail about those strengths and weaknesses of the player. Firstly, he is a seriously fit player. He is coming into the prime of his career, and looks how many matches he has played. It shows that he gets very few injuries, so Arsenal has got a player who should be able to cope with the rigors or the Premiership. You need a player who is reliable, not only in form, but also being able to play game in game out. We have seen with Arsenal over the past few years that their players get far too many injuries, far too often, and for far too long. Their players gets lots of injuries, so Cazorla playing every game of the season will be good for the Gunners. Furthermore, he is a very experienced player. As I was saying, he has played a lot of matches, in La Liga, Champions League and for Spain. He is a player who has experience, which he will need for when he comes to Arsenal. Another criticism of the Gunners was their players were too young, inexperienced and could crumble. This shouldn’t happen with Cazorla. To conclude why he fits Arsenal well - is their style and type of play. They play in that Spanish, pass it into the goal type of way - so he should fit their system very well. Hes Spainish, so you know what you are getting; a very highly skilled and technical player.

Anyway, more onto the attributes of the player. As I mentioned earlier, he has a fantastic passing range. He can spray balls out wide, through the middle, from back to front and side to side, accurately, almost all the time. His passing really is superb. I have been so impressed with his passing with both feet that I still cannot tell which foot he favours!! He seems to pass more with his left, but can bend in a free kick with his right. Its perplexing, but what a quality to have - two spectacular feet. Also, as I have mentioned, he is that usual type of Spanish player; he has superb control, and can easily glide round 2, 3 or even 4 players in the central midfield role he picks up. He is also a fantastic dribbler, which is something the Spanish don’t seem to like doing, dribbling. Anyway, he is a fantastic dribbler, which is aided by his close touch and control, and his low centre of gravity - which means that he finds gliding past players easier.

To conclude the good points about the player, attackingly, he is fantastic. What I mean by that is his ability to look up, spot the opportunities to play in players, and then having the ability to play those teammates in. It’s one thing being able to spot those passes or gaps, but then utilising them, its fantastic. It’s just brilliant to watch, it really is.

Quickly though, just before I go onto all of those weaknesses I mentioned, I should mention that I didn’t think his free kicks, crossing or finishing etc. deserved to be mentioned. They are all of the highest quality, but the abilities I have mentioned are the world class abilities, but the other things are not to be worried about arsenal fans!!

Anyway, the player isn’t perfect - although he is not far off!! Like most of the Spanish players, he is a bit lightweight. In Spain, it isnt really too much of a problem, but I worry, for Arsenal fans, that he could either be too weak for the League, or play well and run out of steam at the end of the year, e.g. Silva.

Anyway, I think I should also say that one criticism of mine is that he doesn’t get forward enough. He is such a talented player going forward that you want him to go forward and score or create more chances. Also, his defensive game is weaker, so you just want him to stay further up, and just play off the front man all the time, and not dictate play.

Would Cazorla cut it in England?

Yes, this will be a very short answer. He has the power, pace, skills and ability to cut it. I just cannot see a reason why he would fail. He fits the Arsenal playing style, is experience, has played lots and is versatile. What can go wrong? I hope I don’t put a hoodoo on him but I really just can’t see him failing!!

Summary of Cazorla:

Strengths: Few injuries, experience, fits the Arsenal style, passing, two footed, control, through balls, dribbling and getting his head up.

Weaknesses: Lightweight and needs to get forward more.

The Business End of the Profile:

Santi has just moved to Arsenal for around �£15 million. However, his move could, and I only mean could spell the end for either, or both of RVP and Walcott. (Since then RVP has gone)


{A profile by Ed052}


Written by Ed033


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