Roman Burki

Roman Burki
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Roman Burki

Current Club: Borussia Dortmund.

Previous Clubs: SC Freiburg, Grasshoppers Club Zurich, BSC Young Boys, Munsingen Jugend.

Loan Clubs: Grasshoppers Club Zurich, FC Schaffhausen, FC Thun.

International: Switzerland 9 caps.

Trophies Won: German Cup 2016/17. Swiss Cup 2013.

Technically Burki is one of the better keepers in the current game. Agile, robust enough to come out for crosses, quick across the ground, fast reactions and fairly decent with his feet. Technically he is very good and, reaching his peak, he is beginning to earn recognition as such.

Unfortunately, while technically he is up there, mentally he is lacking. Burki makes mistakes, lots of errors, which are usually sloppy and seemingly down to a concentration issue. It is not one type of error, it is all kinds of different errors.

Sometimes he will flap at a simple cross, another time he will mess up with his kicking. When I watch him I see a capable, very good keeper technically, but that mental issue is a very real problem.

It has shown up badly for Dortmund this season, as the team lost confidence at a crucial period, in large part they seemingly had no faith in him, just when they needed to rely on him, they found they were unable to. Instead of helping them to maintain their lead, he was part of the team that surrendered it.

Throughout the season his performances had seen Dortmund ship goals at an alarming rate, for a title challenger, conceding 28 goals in 26 games with him in net. Even when winning they were very rarely able to rely on him, which is why he has just 8 clean sheets, compared to Alisson Becker at Liverpool, who are also second in their league, who has 18 clean sheets in 31 games. The difference is huge.

Unfortunately, in my opinion, Burki is never going to be a top class keeper, he does not command confidence, he does not command his box even, as both opponents and his defenders know that it is only another moment away from him making a disaster. And they are usually right, that mistake is coming and usually it is costly.

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Written by Ed001 April 01 2019 08:05:35