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Nuri Sahin

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It is almost unbelievable that Nuri Sahin is just 26 years of age, he seems to have been around for a lot longer than his age suggests. Maybe the three high visibility loan moves, to Feyenoord, Liverpool and Borussia Dortmund, have a part in making it feel like he is far older.

His return to Dortmund, following a loan the previous season, from Real Madrid, felt like a former hero returning to his first club at the end of his career. In reality, Sahin should be just coming in to his peak, a time when the big move to Madrid should be coming along, not when it is ending.

Or it could just be because he was the Bundesliga's youngest ever player and youngest ever goalscorer that it feels like he has been around forever?

When you look at how he burst through at such a young age, making it into the full Turkey side in 2005, it is a shame to see how far his star has waned in the last few years. Partially down to injury, which badly affected his time at Madrid and ended up with them giving up on him.

As a playmaker, either deep lying or more advanced, Nuri Sahin was highly rated enough to see Madrid jump in and get him in the first place. Arsene Wenger was effusive in his praise for the young Sahin, yet one bad injury has put a complete roadblock to his career.

For me, from what I have seen of him, part of the problem was his first loan move after the injury was the wrong choice. Joining Liverpool at that time probably seemed a good idea, but it was clear that there was no clear plan for his usage there and it was a move he should have avoided.

Since then he made the loan move he should have done in the first place, if his intention was to give himself a chance of establishing himself as a Madrid player, a return to Borussia Dortmund. Really it seemed his loan to Liverpool was one aimed at getting out of Madrid, rather than just to establish his fitness.

Though again the loan spell was aimed at getting away from Madrid, rather than proving himself, which is a worry in my opinion. His attitude, to me, suggests a player who is giving up far too easily.

There was still every chance he could have established himself in the Spanish capital, but he just wanted to get away. Madrid might not have worked out, but he should surely have made every effort to force himself into their team?

For me it suggests a player who felt himself overshadowed, or even overawed, by the big names and egos in Madrid, and wanted to be the big star without the desire to make himself the number one. It is a shame to see such a talented player struggling, as his passing can be sublime and he has very good positional sense.

His main strengths are definitely his ability to create and score goals, he has that Xabi Alonso like vision, but with a left foot, rather than right, as his preferred foot. He lacks a little physically, not good in the air, not quick, not particularly strong, extremely average is probably the best way to describe him physically.

Sahin is not going to provide that driving force from midfield that powers through the opposition, nor is he going to outbattle an opposing midfield with real bite. He will help out defensively, but he is not a specialist defensive midfielder by any stretch of the imagination, though he does try to get his foot in.

Often those challenges are rash or mistimed, but at least he does try and offer protection defensively, unlike a player such as Andrea Pirlo, who is little more of a defensive presence than a cone to be dribbled around. At his best he needs to be given a bit more freedom to get around the pitch and support the attacks, rather than being shackled in the deep lying role.

Sahin is a skilful player, one you want to get on the ball in dangerous areas of the pitch, not just to allow him to pick a pass but because he also has a very good shot on him.

A good season next time out, with Borussia Dortmund, could once again see him praised as one of the best midfielders in European football, but it is time he stepped up and proved himself. He can no longer be considered a young, exciting talent, it is time he proved that he can achieve his potential.



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Date of Birth: - 05.09.1988

Height: - 5ft 10''

Position: - Central Midfield

Nationality: - Turkish

Current Club: - Liverpool

Estimated Market Value: - £15 million

Linked with: - Just moved to Liverpool on a season long loan}

Club Statistics

Borussia Dortmund U19

2004/2005 season – 1 match, no goals and no assists.

Borussia Dortmund II

2005/2006 season – 1 match, no goals and no assists.

2006/2007 season – 2 matches, no goals and 1 assist.

2008/2009 season – 1 match, 1 goal and 1 assist.

TOTAL – 4 matches, 1 goal and 2 assists.


2007/2008 season – 30 matches, 6 goals and 5 assists.

Borussia Dortmund

2005/2006 season – 23 matches, 1 goal and 6 assists.

2006/2007 season – 25 matches, no goals and 1 assist.

2008/2009 season – 27 match, 2 goals and 7 assists.

2009/2010 season – 36 matches, 6 goals and 9 assist.

2010/2011 season – 32 match, 6 goals and 9 assists.

TOTAL – 143 matches, 15 goals and 32 assists.

Real Madrid

2011/2012 season – 6 match, 1 goal and 1 assist.

International Statistics


2005/2006 season – 7 matches, 1 goal and no assists.

2006/2007 season – 2 matches, no goals and no assists.

2007/2008 season – 1 match, no goals and no assists.

2008/2009 season – 8 matches, no goals and 1 assist.

2009/2010 season – 3 matches, no goals and no assists.

2010/2011 season – 4 matches, no goals and no assists.

2011/2012 season – 5 matches, 1 goal and 1 assist.

TOTAL – 30 matches, 2 goals and 2 assists.

General Comments:

Hello all, again. I would just like to say that this is my first profile that I will put a video in - so hopefully it works!! I know lots of you wanted a bit more of a visual profile, so I have picked the best video(s) to showcase player 'x' talents.

Anyway the profile;

Sahin is a truly quality player, every team wants a player of his ilk in their team. He controls the midfield, he can hold or attack. Break up opposition attacks, and start his own team attacking. He has fantastic defensive qualities, but is also exceptional when going forward.

Firstly, his passing. Whether it is short or long, it is truly mesmerising. He is such a good passer. Obviously, the occasional pass will go astray, but he is a player who seems to get passes correct the majority of times; he tends to get his passes to his intended target. His passing is also very impressive by the way he can pass long first time, but still reaches his intended target. It is hard enough taking a few touches that launching a huge forward pass, but Sahin can just do it first time, which is really impressive. Furthermore, his short passing is also very good, similar to Joe Allen in the way that it is quick and accurate. Finally, he also seems a confident player with his right foot, so it means he has a more complete game, and better passing game, as he does not just rely on his cracking left foot. To conclude his passing though, it reminds me on Charlie Adam when he was at Blackpool. Balls flying everywhere, but always to the right person.

Anyway, his passing it not the only good thing that Sahin possesses. He is also a very good team player. He doesnt hog the ball; he moves it about and doesnt try to show off. He also tracks back, and will cover tests that are out of position. It also helps that he is a very quick player, and also a very fit player, which means he has that energy and speed to continue on all game. Furthermore, his pace and vision means that he can open up gaps in the opposition, and with his stunning passing ability, he also has the ability to be able to carry out those incredible defence splitting passes.

Going forward he also offers a lot more to the team than you would expect. Firstly his touch is very good. He has good close control, and also is a very skilful player. He has that shock little skill, whether it is a smart little turn or a couple of stopovers to beat a man. His skills are so great not due to their high quality or quantity but really due to the shock aspect. You dont expect him to pull out a skill, and then he does, and off he goes. Its a very nice surprise!!

Moreover, when he is going forward, his set piece taking is also very special, but this is to be expected, due to his passing ability. He is great at corners, and puts the ball just into that danger zone. Furthermore, his free kicks are fantastic. Whether he is having a long range shot, or just again, putting the ball into a dangerous position. Finally, his penalties are excellent. He always seems to keep his composure, and doesnt seem to miss many, despite sending many of them into the top corners of them goal. It shows he has great placement and confidence in his ability. It also means that he is a very good finisher, which is great, and also key in a box to box midfielder.

However, the player does have a few down points to his game, that he needs to work on, to improve and become a truly world class player. Firstly, he dives into the tackle a bit too much. Yes it is strength of his, tracking back, and then getting they tackle in, but sometimes it is just a little bit too desperate, and he tries too hard, meaning that he can dive into tackles uncontrollably. He just overstretches, or tries for that extra special tackle, and it does go wrong for him. It is something that he needs to cut out of his game. Also, he seems to snap into tackles a little bit, sort of like a little terrier, which is a dangerous way to tackle, but he hasnt broken anybodies leg as of yet!!

Furthermore, he does seem to be the strongest of players either. Dont get me wrong, he isnt a weak player, but I just think that he could be a little bit stronger. Especially if he comes to play in England, he will have to be stronger to be able to bully people of the ball, and to make sure that he holds onto the ball himself. Finally, I have mentioned his passing, and his fantastic skills etc., but what Sahin can be guilty of sometimes is trying a little bit too much. As many of the best players seem to do, those who carry their teams on their shoulders, they try a little bit too hard. Mainly, its ok for Sahin, because he is a truly mesmerising and quality player. However, sometimes he can be guilty of trying a little bit too much, and should probably look for the easier and safer option.

Would Sahin cut it in England?

Yes, there is no two ways about it. He is such a quality player that he will easily cut it in the Second best league in the world. He has the passing range, the quality free kicks, the vision and the mental strength to be able to cope with it. He was the best player in Germany only a couple of years back, and if he controlled that league, he will easily control the midfield of either Arsenal or Liverpool very soon. Even his negatives are not that bad, and wont greatly affect his play. Furthermore, he is a similar player to Xabi Alonso as you can find; which a big complement is. But Xabi made it look easy in England, and Sahin can do the same.

Summary of Sahin:

Strengths: Long and short range passing, tracking back, opening up gaps in opposition, skills, ambition, finishing, crossing, penalties and only still only 23.

Weaknesses: Strength, tackling, diving in too much and can be guilty of trying too much.

This is the video of the player, so hopefully it works haha;

The Business End of the Profile:

Sahin has just signed for Liverpool, on a season long loan, with NO OPTION to buy him at the end of the year. However, this could change, depending on,

a) How Sahin performs.

b)How Liverpool perform

c) How Madrid/Modric/Madrid Midfield play.


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Written by Tris Burke



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