Mauricio Lemos

Mauricio Lemos
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Paolo Mauricio Lemos Merladett

Current Club: UD Las Palmas (currently on loan with Sassuolo).

Previous Clubs: Rubin Kazan, Defensor.

Loan Clubs: UD Las Palmas, Sassuolo.

International: Uruguay 2 caps.

Trophies Won: N/A.

I can see why Lemos has become so highly rated, his style looks very good in highlight reels as he is physically strong, using pace and strength to make last-ditch tackles and see out danger. Added to that he is an extremely useful free kick taker on the edge of the box, adding a number of goals that way.

What highlight reels do not show is that he has to make those last-ditch tackles because he is often caught out of position and chasing back to recover from his mistakes. If he was better positioned, he would see out the danger without needing to risk a challenge in dangerous areas of the pitch.

That is not as exciting to watch, every fan loves the last-ditch sliding challenge in the box on a player about to break through and hit a shot, but it is better for the team to just see out the danger using good positional sense. That is something he does need to work on.

He is strong in the air, his pace allowing him to attack the ball and get a good leap at it and he generally makes a good contact with the ball. As well as being very good at free kicks, Lemos is good on the ball in general. His passing range is good and he looks to be able to spot a pass.

Lemos is very right-footed and much happier on the right side of defence, but can play on the left side, he just does not look entirely comfortable. It must be said his right foot is a really good one, in the way we usually talk about left foots. With his ability to deliver and pace, it is a surprise he has not ended up at full-back.

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Written by Ed001 April 23 2019 06:03:29