Mats Hummels


Mats Hummels


{Profile updated 2/09/12}

Date of Birth: - 16th December 1988
Height: - 6ft 3inches.
Position: - Centre back
Nationality: - German
Current Club: - Borussia Dortmund
Estimated Market Value: - 15-20 million pounds
Linked with: - Inter Milan
- Juventus
However, if he were to become available in the summer, I believe many more clubs would become interested/let their interest be known. E.G. Arsenal etc.

Club Statistics

Bayern Munich II
2005/2006 season - 1 match, 0 goals
2006/2007 season - 31 matches, 2 goals

Bayern Munich
2006/2007 season - 1 match, 0 goals

Bayern Munich II
2007/2008 season - 10 matches, 3 goals

Borussia Dortmund
2007/2008 season - 13 matches, 0 goals
2008/2009 season - 12 matches, 1 goal
2009/2010 season - 33 matches, 5 goals
2010/2011 season - 34 matches, 5 goals
2011/2012 season - 34 matches, 1 goal
TOTAL - 169 matches, 17 goals

International Statistics

Germany U21
2011 season- 5 matches, 5 goals

2010 season - 2 matches, 0 goals
2011 season - 6 matches, 0 goals
2012 season - 12 matches, 1 goal
TOTAL - 18 matches, 1 goal

General Comments:
First of all, this is my first profile on a defender, so you all need to understand that the profile length isn't ever going to be of a substantial length and have as much content in it. It is also more difficult to evaluate a defender but I will try my best to oblige. I feel that Hummels is a very, very good centre-back (as do many people), but I think that people underestimate a certain quality of his. Passing. Hummels has a fantastic range of passes that can set up any offensive player, as he knows just how to play it with the right pace, loft and weight. It's superb. I have seen him countless times set up the likes of Goetze down the wing and start off attacks, and counter-attacks. On the defensive side of it though, I feel he is a very confident player who really doesn't care who he's against, he'll do his best to stop ANYONE from getting any where near his goal, even if it means making a risky challenge from the side when the attackers one-on-one with the keeper. It's great. I don't see how you can't love a defender that takes these risks, as it makes them much, much better than the ones that don't. I also feel that he has a great reading of the game, as he puts in block after block in every game he plays as he is able to out-think the attacker and stop the move in its track. Every game it is clear that he puts in 110% and I think Bayern were fools to let him go. I can honestly see why he has attracted so much attention, as I do agree that he's the best defender in the Bundesliga, and could potentially be one of the best in Europe due to his consistency and age. I think any team that is lucky enough to challenge for his signature should go all-out in order to persuade him for his signature, as he'd be a great addition to ANY European side. To close this comment, whether it's relevant or not, Hummels would certainly cut it in the Premier League, but I could not see him in a particular side apart from Arsenal if i'm honest, as at the minute they are extremely frail at the back and need a player of his calibur. However, as I said, he would be a great addition to any top European side. What are your thoughts on the first Player Profile on a defender?

The Business End of the Profile:
Mats Hummels is a top class central defender, however it would take a massive bid to prize him away from Dortmund and even then he may reject them. As of yet Hummels has not been the subject of any bid however if he were to become available all the big clubs in Europe would be clawing to get his signature.

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