Lewis Dunk

Name- Lewis Dunk

Age- 20

Linked Clubs- Liverpool and likely other premier league clubs.

Estimated Value- 5m

Career Stats- 34 apps 0 goals

General Comments:

I made this profile because recently I along with other Liverpool fans saw that Rodgers had been to watch Blackpool vs Brighton and ed001 informed is it was either Phillips or Dunk that he was scouting therefore I decided to make my profile on the fairly unknown CB.

After watching him several times you can see why Rodgers would want to watch him. He is a classy defender for his age and you can tell Poyet has been moulding him to be like Pique or Cannavaro - a proper footballing CB. He is great with his feet and loves to play the ball around the back, he is very comfortable on the ball which suits our system down to a tee. However, this leads me one of two weaknesses he has. Because of the way Brighton play he can be guilty of overplaying, but obviously as he gets older he will learn when to pass or not.

Back to his strengths, he isn't very fast in a straight line but on the turn his acceleration is phenomenal this is a very important feature to defending in general I believe because it allows him to recover from a mistake if a attacker turns him. He is an absolute beast in the air when I have seen him to for his age he just commands the box from set pieces. He is good in the tackle too, he puts in firm challenges early on forwards to mark his presence on the game which is another thing I like to see defenders do. And when he wins the ball say from a block tackle he likes to bring it forward and carry the ball which is another great thing to have in a centre half when playing our style.

Another weakness of his is that sometimes he does dive in, when he gets older and learns the game ore this will improve obviously but at the moment on the odd occasion he finds hi self one on one with a attacker and can't seem to resist diving in. But I am sure he will improve this when he gets older. However if he improves on his weaknesses this boy will be hot property and will be one of the most sought out CB.

Would Dunk cut it in the Premier League?

At the moment no, because he would make mistakes and fans of certain clubs would get on his back, I think the best 2 options would be to stay where he is and learn the game at a lower level for another 2-3 years or go to a side like Liverpool where under Rodgers he would get playing time and would be allowed to groom into a great player.

Summary of Dunk:

Strengths: Acceleration, Heading, Passing ability, Tackling.

Weaknesses: Dives in occasionally, Guilty of overplaying it sometimes, also something I didn't touch on in the profile washis attitude, if you search up his name you will find out he got arrested on a night out, I am not sure what for but he will need to cut this out if he wants to make in the game so to speak.

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Written by Ed001 June 26 2018 22:54:54