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Jordy Clasie has made the step up that has been anticipated for a number of years now, by finally leaving Feyenoord, and the Eredivisie behind to move to the English Premier League, signing for Southampton. Since he first burst into the team he has been rumoured to be on the verge of a move to England, with a number of clubs scouting him on a repeated basis.

Clasie is a classy (see what I did there?) player, a central midfielder who can play as a holding midfielder or as one who gets forward playmaking further up the field. He was always likely to get a big move, as he stood out for Feyenoord, the only question was whether his small size and slightly lightweight frame would put off teams for the English Premier League from being the place he ended up.

Luckily for him, Ronald Koeman looked past the size to make him Soton's replacement for the outgoing Morgan Schneiderlin, due to his ability:

Clasie will add defensive responsibility, vision, a good range of passing and will always be looking to provide an option for his team mates to play the ball to him, even when under pressure. He does lack pace, physical strength and his lack of height makes him easily beaten in the air. This is his chance to prove the doubters wrong, especially Brendan Rodgers, who decided Joe Allen was a better bet to anchor the midfield than the much cheaper, but untested, Clasie.

Are his detractors correct in that his lack of a physical presence hampers him? To a degree it can do, yes. Clasie has to use good anticipation to nip in front of opponents and intercept, as he does not have the strength to muscle them off the ball.

One thing he will not add to the Saints' side is lots of goals, he is only an occasional goal scorer, at best. With his technique in striking the ball, given more freedom having Victor Wanyama alongside him protecting the Southampton defence, I believe that could change over the next couple of seasons. He is certainly a lovely clean striker of the ball, though he could do with hitting it with a bit more power behind it at times.

Unlike a player such as Yaya Toure, Clasie controls the play through getting the ball and setting a tempo with his passing, rather than trying to bully opposition midfielders. Like many smaller players, he is happy to get stuck in physically and refuse to be intimidated, though the midfield battle in the Prem he will find to be a completely different animal from the one he has left behind in the Netherlands' Eredivisie.

One weakness that is particularly clear is that he is very right footed, if he did not need something to stand on when he kicked, he would not even have a left foot. I would like to see him work on his left, as Pavel Nedved did, to make it stronger, that can make a huge difference in a tight midfield scramble. Shifting his body to get into position to play it with his right might not always be possible in England.

The time a midfielder gets on the ball can often be limited in the hurly burly fast paced Prem. Right now, you just know every coach going in to face Saints will be telling their players to force him onto his left foot. If they can close him down and hassle him into mistakes early in his time in the Prem, his confidence might well dip, which Ronald Koeman will have to be aware of.

Having said that, one thing that is abundantly clear at the moment, he does not currently lack for confidence. Clasie is one of the best young playmakers around, if he could improve his left foot then he could become one of the best midfielders in the world. He does not have the flashy skills, powerful driving runs, physical presence or aerial prowess that would stand out and made him a £20m player, he is a very good playmaker though.

If Clasie settles in to England well and can perform to his best, Saints might just have the best value signing of the summer of 2015. With Wanyama's power and pace alongside him, the combination in their midfield should ensure that last season was no fluke.



Written by Tris Burke


{Profile Posted 28/08/12}

Date of Birth: - 27..06.1991

Height: - 5ft 7 inches

Position: -Midfielder

Nationality: -Netherlands

Current Club: - Feyenoord

Estimated Market Value: - £8 million

Linked with: - Liverpool

Club Statistics


2010/2011 season– 32 matches, 2 goals and 0 assists

TOTAL 32 matches 2 goals and 0 assists


2011/2012 season– 19 matches, 3 goals and 0 assists

2011/2012 season– 2 matches, 0 goals and 0 assists

TOTAL 21 matches 3 goals and 0 assists –

International Statistics

Netherlands U21

2010- season– 7 matches 1 goals

General Comments:

First of all I would like to say this was a very hard profile to do because as you can tell from the statistics above Jordy hasn’t played many games. So I am sorry if it is not up to previous standards, but as I say, it was tough to do.

Anyway to start with Clasie is a very tidy player, always looking for the ball and was one of Feyenoords star players last term along with obviously Guidetti. Many people had tipped Feyenoord to struggle last season, but they were surprise contenders for the Eredivisie in the end . Jordy’s height has often been a problem for him, but in the 11/12 season he worked really hard and managed to use it to his advantage, often saying people such as Xavi have been his inspiration. His low centre of gravity means he can turn with the ball and just glide past the opposition.

Clasie’s positioning is one absolutely superb for some at the age of 21 its like hes been playing the game for years, his positioning allows him to make many interceptions; his vision on the pitch is quite outstanding really. In this day and age you cant make the Roy Keane tackles anymore or you would be booked. Thats why Clasie is a rare player in todays game as he can take the ball away from you tactically without having to make a crunching tackle.

Finally, the biggest part of Clasie’s game is when hes on the ball, the way he can dictate a tempo is exceptional; whether its making a 5 yard pass or having to make a 40 yard pass to switch the play. Nearly all off Feyenoords attacks star with Jordy, his vision and creativity is truly impressive for some at such a young age.

On the other hand, there are obviously still doubts about his game, he’s very weak on the ball and off the ball, he often gets out-muscled and it can lead to him becoming a target for the opposition. I often see that after getting a hard knock or a really strong tackle a little bit of fear comes into his play and he takes fewer risks with the ball.

To conclude, Jordy is definitely a player who can play, his vision and creativity make him stand out along with his low centre of gravity - it makes the perfect combination. However his physicality needs improving otherwise he will fail to adapt if he indeed decides to move.

Could Clasie cut it in the EPL?

At this moment in time no. Hes far too weak to adapt to the EPL - he doesn’t exactly have to be as strong, e.g. as strong as Akinfenwa, but he definitely needs to get stronger. His positioning is something that is definitely that can help a team, he just needs to improve certain aspects of his game but I would not be surprised to see him in the Barcelona team in 5 years time.

Summary of Clasie;

Strengths: Passing, positioning, vision, creativity, interceptions

Weaknesses: Strength, becomes uneased after a couple of strong tackles, easy target.

The Business End of the Profile;

Jordy, despite being a very good player already will not be moving this summer. He will get another year of good solid football under his belt, all being well, and then probably move next summer.

A video highlighting the talents of the so called New Xavi;

{A profile by Ed062}





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