Daniel Sturridge

Daniel Sturridge

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Liverpool and England striker Daniel Sturridge has had a long road to establish himself as a top striker in the Premiership, and it took a move to LFC to finally see him take a leading role on a regular basis. After initially emerging from Manchester City's academy, following spells with Coventry City and Aston Villa before joining Citeh, a dispute over playing time saw him refuse to sign a new contract.

A move to Chelsea failed to establish him as first choice and he was sent out on loan to Bolton Wanderers for the second part of the 2010/11 season. Returning to Chelsea again saw him struggling to hold down a place, and eventually, a window after Liverpool first tried to get him, he joined the Reds in January 2013.

At first the same issues surfaced that had been used to criticise him in the past, his selfishness on the ball being a particular stick used to beat him repeatedly. By the end of the season, he had established a good partnership with Luis Suarez, where the selfishness was actually coming from the Uruguayan, as Sturridge showed that he can be a team player.

Finally Sturridge started to live up to his potential, his blistering pace and incredible acceleration suddenly had a purpose, he was using his skill allied with that pace to get in dangerous positions, and he was making good decisions on when to pass and when to shoot, mostly. Even his workrate was there, he was pressing defenders, chasing back when a team mate was caught upfield and genuinely looking like a team player.

How much of his performance was down to Suarez's brilliance we were unable to find out last season, as injuries meant Sturridge was unable to get going last season. Injuries are probably the biggest issue with Daniel Sturridge, they are always lurking there, as they often are for players with such explosive pace.

There are other issues with him, his bravery in an aerial battle leaves a lot to be desired, despite his height he very rarely wins a header against a defender's challenge. He really does not want to put his head in where it hurts at all.

Sturridge's ability is on the ball is what makes him such a good striker, rather than his heading, or he would not have become the face of a well known fast food company, nor would the Sturridge dance be so well known. Cross the ball to his head and there is every chance it will not end up in the back of the net, though he does have good control with his head, the issue is his head will not be put in there to get to it.

If Sturridge can maintain his selflessness when paired with lesser strikers than Suarez, then he can be virtually unstoppable on the ball. It is not just that incredible burst of acceleration that leaves everyone for dead, it is also the skill, the delicate touch to slip it through a defender's legs or a quick shimmy that sends them the wrong way.

He is also capable of seeing a runner and playing an inch perfect pass to them, so even getting him stood up still and dropping off to block a run is not a solution to ending him as a threat. Sturridge now has defenders unable to be sure what to do if left one on one with him, as he can pick a pass, play a little flick or just run at them with his quick feet.

With the ability to go either side, though his left foot is much stronger he is perfectly capable of shooting or crossing with his right, he has become an extremely dangerous forward. Or at least, a dangerous forward when fit, which is the issue that most needs to be addressed for his future.

Sturridge is not someone you can lump the ball up to and he will hold it up and give the defence and midfield time to move forward, while he uses his strength to hold off defenders. He will never provide that for your team, he does not have the strength or the build for it.

What he really wants is a ball to run on to, using his incredible acceleration and pace to burst onto it, or a ball in to feet, where he can drop a should, do a little shimmy, a quick one two, use his skill to create space or play in a team mate. The lone forward role is not one that suits him, he needs people around him, offering him options, rather than being isolated and expected to do it all alone.

A partnership is needed to get the best out of Sturridge, not necessarily with a partner as good as Suarez, just someone he can work with and build a good understanding. Sturridge likes to play the quick one twos, the cute little flick ons, the dummies to allow his partner to get the ball, those are what he does at his best.

One thing is for sure, his uncle Dean was never this good.



Written by Tris Burke



{Profile Updated 01/09/2012}

Date of Birth: - 01.07.1989

Height: - 6ft 2 inches

Position: -forward

Nationality: - British

Current Club: - Chelsea

Estimated Market Value: - £11 million

Linked with: - Liverpool

Club Statistics

Manchester City

2006/2007 season- 2 matches, 0 goals and 0 assists

2007/2008 season- 4 matches, 2 goals and 1 assists

2008/2009 season- 26 matches, 4 goals and 3 assists

TOTAL 32 matches 6 goals and 4 assists


2009/2010 season- 12 matches, 8 goals and 0 assists


2009/2010 season- 20 matches, 5 goals and 2 assists

2010/2011 season- 21 matches, 4 goals and 1 assists

2011/2012 season- 41 matches, 13 goals and 7 assists

2012/2013 season- 1 match, 0 goals and 1 assists

TOTAL 83 matches 22 goals and 11 assists -

International Statistics

England U21

2009/2011 season- 15 matches 4 goals


2011/2012 season- 2 matches 0 goals

TOTAL 2 matches 0 goals

General Comments:

Daniel Sturridge is truly a player who can make it to the very top if he puts his mind to it; he has everything a manager can dream of in having in their team. He has pace, he has strength, and he has technique. All attributes that are very hard to learn. The attributes that he may not have to make him that world class player, he can learn. Under the right manager he can learn to pass, he can learn to work on his defensive contribution etc.

There are many positive aspects of his game so much that I can bore you to death with this profile. One of the best attributes Sturridge has is the ability to beat his man, easily as well, even when you know that he is going to cut inside he just seems to still get past the defender, this then gives him the chance to try curl a shot past the goalkeeper. Also the fact a lot of defenders think he is going to cut inside means that every now and then he can surprise the defender and take the ball to the by-line and fire in a cross. Sturridge really has pace to burn and this helps massively when trying to beat a defender. It also makes a lot of space available as the centre back will try and cover for the left back he just beat which allows a midfielder to exploit the gaps.

Another quality of his game although some may disagree is his finishing which is why I think he should play up top rather than on the right of attack - even though I tend to disagree with that because I think he can be much more effective on the right of a front three. His finishing is very good, he is not a poacher as such but he does seem to be in the right position at the right time. What also helps is his ability to shoot from range he has a really good technique of getting it on target and also hitting the ball with real power.

What makes him a very good player to have in a team is that he is a versatile player he can play anywhere in the front three so if he wants to he can interchange with the other players which can confuse defenders. What also helps is that he is fairly good with his weaker foot. It is not brilliant but he can atleast shoot with his right foot.

However, Sturridge can probable be one of the most frustrating players to watch in the Premier League, his decision making definitely needs questioning its beyond belief the things he can do sometimes whether its good or bad. He can make a superb run and skip past two or three players and then shoot over the bar when there was a clear chance to pass. It is not even the fact he had the right to shoot there was a much I emphasize much better chance for his teammate to score. Not only does this frustrate the fans it frustrates the players so the next time Sturridge is in a good place his teammates will not bother making the run. His greediness is a very big flaw in his game it is something he really needs to improve on if he is going to become a world class player

His defensive contribution is also under question, when his team are not on the ball he can get very lazy and easily frustrated and seems to drop his head. I also think one of the main reasons he wants to play up top is because he does not have to do as much work defensively. If he is going to want to become and England starter he will have to work on his teamwork no doubt it is probably the biggest flaw of his game.

One of the aspects to Daniels game which I feel is one of the reasons he wont

play as a striker is the fact he can be quite poor when it comes to holding up the ball especially if he is going to play the lone striker but I dont feel he needs to work particularly hard for this if he is going to play as a wide forward.

One of the many things people question Sturridge about is his attitude, in all honesty I feel he has a reason to be upset, it is no surprise that if you are playing well you should be playing the full 90 minutes and if you have a misfiring player (Torres) playing in your proffered position you must feel undermined.

We all know Sturridge can cut it in the EPL so my question is whether he should move away from Chelsea?

Yes I do now that Chelsea have signed Moses and many other player in his position I think his Chelsea career is over, which is a shame because he could have been a really good player for them, but I think it is right for him to move away, Liverpool would be an ideal place to go to especially from a Liverpool point of view, there is no doubt in the world that Sturridge will do a much better job than Downing, the 4-3-3 formation would also suit him as its not necessarily 2 wingers it can be 3 forwards, although I have my doubt whether Rodgers will go for him as he is already said he want players that are hungry and obviously work hard. I do think if a team can get Sturridge for 10 mil it is a steal.

Summary of Sturridge;

Strengths: Dribbling, Finishing, Weaker foot and Long Shots

Weaknesses: Teamwork, Passing, Decision making, Defensive contribution and Hold up play.

{Ed063 Note - Given all thats going on with Sturridge at the minute I have been asked to update it and give my opinion, so here goes.

Sturridge has a wonderful shot on him, always seems to hit the ball with power and pace. He is also a very good dribbler of the ball, being able to glide past players and create chances out of nothing.

I think Sturridge could be a fantastic player, and I really rated him at the beginning of last season however he seems to have become very greedy which I personally cannot stand. This is also coupled with his very arrogant attitude which makes me dislike him even more. However If someone were able to bring him back to the player he was after his Bolton loan and at the beginning of last season he could be a good acquisition - but for nothing over 8 million pounds}

The Business End of the Profile;

It looked as if Sturridge would be joining Liverpool over the summer transfer window. However, the deal stalled, meaning that he never came. It does look however, that Chelsea are eager to get rid of the player, but did not, as they could not get in a replacement. Sturridge will now play second fiddle to Fernando Torres.

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