Andriy Yarmolenko

{Player Profile Posted 20/06/2012}

Date of Birth: - 23rd October 1989.

Nationality: - Andriy was born in Russia, but has lived in Ukraine since the age of 5 thus eligible to play for them.

Height: - 6ft 2inches.

Position: - Striker or Left Wing.

Current Club: - Dynamo Kiev and has been there since 2006.

Estimated Market Value: - Around 8 million pounds.

Linked With: - AC Milan

- Napoli


- Palermo

Club Statistics

Dynamo Kiev 2 (Reserve Side):

2006/2007 season - 15 appearances, 4 goals.

2007/2008 season - 22 appearances, 6 goals. (Also within this season, Andriy scored on his debut for the senior side).

Dynamo Kiev:

2008/2009 season - 13 appearances, 5 goals.

2009/2010 season - 37 appearances, 7 goals.

2010/2011 season - 42 appearances, 16 goals.

2011/2012 season - 31 appearances, 13 goals.

TOTAL - 129 appearances, 42 goals.

General Comments:

Yarmolenko is one of those players where it takes a fair few watches of him before you can actually get a fair judgment of him. It seems awfully strange at how different he plays depending upon the game, as he goes from a very very good player, to an average player at best. I'll give you an example, I'm sure most have you have watched him at the Euro's, and in every game he played at entirely different standards. In the first game, he was barely noticeable, but then against England he seemed to be Ukraine's stand out player.

With players like these, I must say that they are a risk. But before I go into that, I'd like to balance up some of his strengths and weaknesses. When he actually turns up to a game, he is a very strong, pacey and skillful player who seems to radiate confidence when taking on the opposition. I find that his creativity can also be extremely impressive, as he seems to create something out of nothing - but more often that not on the counter-attack. I feel he offers that extra dimension when he plays on the Left Wing, and I must say that is his better position. His original position was a Striker but I must say, he has the ability to work the wing very very well, and I would suggest that he stay on the Wing rather than go back to being a Striker.

In contrast, as I've covered earlier in these comments, he is inconsistent. Very, inconsistent. I find that in games that aren't going his way, he seems to keep his head down and just get in a bit of a strop and almost removes himself from a game. For me, that is not a characteristic of a world-class player. Yarmolenko also seems that he is a tad one-footed (with his left) and I'd also say that it is something that can be worked on, as he is showing signs of improvement with his right foot, but is still a long-way off. I'd say another issue for Yarmolenko is his finishing, as he has the ability to get himself into dangerous positions, but he seems to (more often that not) be overly selfish, and either works himself into a stupid angle that he can't score from or completely fluffs his finish. Obviously this isn't always the case, and he does show potential with his finishing when he's playing well, but it's just about being more prolific and consistent really.

All in all, I'd say he's a good player with potential, but he does need to work on his downfalls before he reaches the potential that he occasionally shows. I believe that he could work on these weaknesses and become better than 'just a good player', but it will take hard work, and it's the question of 'will he work hard at them?', rather than 'he will work hard at them' kind of scenario.

Summary of Yarmolenko:

Strengths - Pace, Strength, Skill/Dribbling ability and Confidence.

Weaknesses - Inconsistency, Finishing, On-Field Attitude (at times), One-Footedness and can be Overly Selfish.

The Business End of the Profile:

At the moment, there is rather limited information of Yarmolenko's future, although I have managed to find out a few things for certain. AC Milan, PSG, Palermo and Napoli are definitely interested in Yarmolenko - however it seems clear that AC Milan are in the driving seat. According to reports, Andriy Shevchenko originally recommended Yarmolenko to Milan as one for the future, and since then Milan have taken up Shevchenko's advice and kept an eye on him, and it seems that they wish to complete a deal this summer, before further interest comes in. At the moment, Yarmolenko is available at a reasonable price (of 8million) thus a deal does look to be on the cards.

However, it is important to realise that anything can happen - especially with a player who played at a major tournament. Any team could have watched him this summer and they could let their interest be known and go all out to sign him also - so what I'm trying to say is with this player, there is no guarantee over his future. The one thing I can say is that it does look likely he will depart Kiev - and I can also say that AC Milan are the favourites at the moment for his signature. However, with the spending powers of PSG and Palermo, I would barely call Milan favourites, as both of these power-houses will be looking to spend a hell of a lot this summer (especially Palermo), therefore Yarmolenko could genuinely end up anywhere.

I believe that if a Premier League signed him this summer, then it would be for a reasonable price yes, but the club would have to work with the player an awful lot to overcome his shortcomings, as unfortunately, his shortcomings outweigh his strengths. Yarmolenko does have potential, but unless he changes his attitude when things aren't going his way, he won't cut it in the Premier League. However, if he manages to sort out his on-field attitude as well as his consistency, he could be one of the best Left Winger in the Premier League, and could be the difference between the winning side, and the losing side.

Cheers all,


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