Allan Mcgregor

Date of Birth: - 31.01.1982 (Aged 30)

Height: - 6 ft. 1 inch

Position: - Goalkeeper

Nationality: - Scottish

Current Club: - Rangers (but available on a free due to rejecting contract with new Rangers)

Estimated market value: - Around £5 - £6 million, but available on a free. (Explained above)

Linked with: - Fulham, Hull, Birmingham, Aston Villa

Club Statistics

Dunfermline Athletic

2005/2006 season – 20 games


2006/2007 season - 34 games

2007/2008 season - 47 games

2008/2009 season - 41 games

2009/2010 season - 46 games and 1 assist

2010/2011 season - 49 games

2011/2012 season - 43 games

TOTAL - 260 games and 1 assist (exc. Dunfermline)

- 280 games and 1 assist (Inc. Dunfermline)

International Statistics


2007/2008 season - 1 game

2008/2009 season - 3 games

2009/2010 season - 13 games

2010/2011 season - 4 games

TOTAL - 21 games

General Comments:

McGregor is one of those goalkeepers who is good, but is never going to be that special, but is still an extremely good goalkeeper, of almost the highest quality. However, having said that, McGregor is 30 now, the prime time for a goalkeeper. He has years of experience under his belt, so should, be getting to his best. However, is this actually happening? He has a similar case to Pepe Reina down in Liverpool. They both came onto the scene in amazing fashion. Around the 2008/2009 season, there were plenty of rumours suggesting that McGregor might be off to United. However, since then, McGregor has gone downhill. This is why I have suggested he is like Reina. For people who have watched Reina a lot, gradually, he seems to be making more and more mistakes, to a point where many Liverpool fans regret not taking previous offers of £20 million from Arsenal. It is similar with the Rangers man. He has gradually started making more and more mistakes. These mistakes are proving more and more crucial also. However, he has not got to the extent where Rangers fans want him to go, as he is still the best goalkeeper in the SPL, (well, not anymore anyway).

Anyway, about McGregor the player. He's a solid player. He has no real outstanding qualities, and no real weaknesses. However, he has extremely good reflexes. He is very often making quick, sharp and spectacular saves, tipping the ball over the bar. It shows that he would have the reflexes needed to come and play in the EPL. Also, he is a very good shot stopper. When one-on-one, he makes himself huge. Really really big. Therefore, he very often, in the most dire of situations, can prevent an almost certain goal. His shot stopping abilities are also high quality. By making himself so big, he can scare opposition into fluffing shots, as the goal can seem so small with him in it. Finally, he is a brave goalkeeper. It comes with playing in the SPL I guess, but it is something needed in a goalkeeper. We have seen with Cech, for example, that since injuring his head, he has less confidence to come out and collect balls, in case he gets injured. This has meant he has become weaker as a goalkeeper, (and due to this, I really don’t understand why Chelsea has extended his contract recently, with Coutois waiting in the wings). Therefore, McGregor’s bravery makes him a better goalkeeper. He will come and collect balls, e.g. from corners, and he will throw himself into one-on-ones even if someone comes sliding into him, feet first. He must save many goals by collecting balls before they get to dangerous areas: preventing key players getting on the ball for the opposition. With his bravery, I have noticed something else about him. I mentioned he very often makes mistakes, but I haven’t seen him make errors of judgement from crosses, or when he comes to collect the ball. This shows he has a very good reading of the game, and judges his actions perfectly.

However, there is also a big problem with McGregor. I have mentioned this over and over, but this really is the only problem with him I can see, his unreliability. A slow, trickling shot can come rolling into him, and it will simply go through his legs. Silly little mistakes like this are so common with him - it's what causes so much pressure on him. So often, he adds to the pressure to himself, by making these little mistakes. He responds well to the pressure however, which helps to show that he is mentally strong. If he cuts out these mistakes, he really could be a very classy goalkeeper.

Would McGregor cut it in England? - I truly believe that he would. He has all the qualities needed to be a successful goalkeeper in England. He has the quality reflexes to deal with fast footie, the strength and braveness to deal with balls in the box, the reading of the game to act as a sweeper if needed and the shot stopping abilities to keep out long range efforts, to help reduce pressure on his team. However, he will never succeed if he doesn't cut out the mistakes. He will have too much pressure to deal with if he made mistakes in England. The spotlight is brighter, the press more intrusive, and the money higher; thus, extreme pressure.

Summary of McGregor

Strengths: Good all-round keeper - strong, brave, good shot stopper, reads the game well and extremely quick reflexes.

Weaknesses: Stupid mistakes, which are far too often. Puts the pressure on himself.

The Business End of the Profile:

There are no real strong links with McGregor to my knowledge. The teams listed at the beginning of this profile are simply teams linked with him. It is almost certain he will leave the new Rangers, as he has rejected their new contract. However, the most substantial links have come from Hull. I believe thought that this is putting one and one together and getting 72. They are in desperate need of a goalkeeper, but, I believe that McGregor if far too good for the Championship. Therefore, I believe that any team in the premiership, in need of a goalkeeper should turn to him. Villa perhaps, or maybe Liverpool, if Reina leaves and the budget has been spent elsewhere. (For LFC fans, I personally believe there is no chanced he will go, due to him wanting to play tika - taka footie, and wanting to see how Rodgers first year goes). Anyway, McGregor will not demand high wages, but could be a very good bit of business for a team needing a first choice goalkeeper. To conclude, I believe he will end up in the EPL, in a lower, mid-table side. I also believe he will either fail dreadfully, due to silly mistakes and pressure, or stun the league, leading to a huge move in a year or two.



Written by Ed001 June 26 2018 22:54:54